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Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Michael Robinson, Jan 24, 2012.

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  1. I am new to PSpice and OrCAD. I have a school project that requires making
    a circuit board. I don't need to simulate it. I'm looking for the fastest
    approach to getting the PCB made, and that's all. My school has Orcad, so
    that's what I'm using.
    I opened up OrCad Capture. I have a choice to open a new "design" or a new
    "project." Click on File/New Design and it opens up a schematic. Click on
    File/New Project and see the choices Analog or Mixed A/D, PC Board Wizard,
    Programmable Logic Wizard, and Schematic. It says the PC Board Wizard is
    "the quickest way to get started designing a system-level schematic design."
    Ok. Now I have to choose the libraries to include. (My project will have
    several IC's: National LM27313 voltage booster, Allegro ACS715 hall effect
    current sensor, a 555 and a couple of three-terminal shunt voltage
    references. All surface mount. Also about 30 or so passives.) Will going
    this way get me to my goal of copper-on-the-board quicker than I would if I
    started with the "design" option, and what should I know about the
  2. Designing a PCB wihout a schematic is the fastest way to a succesfull
    disaster. As you have schematic capture available, use it. From a schematic
    to a board is fully supported so you will not find big problems (I suppose).
    You will need the libraries that contain the details of the components used.
    So for the schematic the schematic symbol will do but as you have to make a
    PCB you will need the details (outlines, footprints) of the packages of the
    actual components.

    petrus bitbyter
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