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orcad layout question

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by john, May 18, 2009.

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  1. john

    john Guest

    I am buying new laptop with vista (64 bit) operating system. I have
    orcad release 9.0 which I work wih windows 2000 professional. Did any
    one install the orcad release 9 on vista and worke with it. I will
    appreciate it. Thanks

  2. MooseFET

    MooseFET Guest

    Not 9.0 but one of the later ones has been installed on a Vista
    machine. As far as I know, it runs slowly but doesn't crash all that
  3. Another option is VMware and an XP installation.

    Best regards,
    Spehro Pefhany
  4. qrk

    qrk Guest

    Haven't tried it myself. However, one of our guys has 64-bit Vista and
    found it's incompatible with various non 64-bit engineering apps. I
    think the Xilinx tools have problems with Vista 64. Do yourself a
    favor and load XP, even if you need to buy a separate hard drive. Be
    sure the laptop has XP drivers available. Vista is meant for home
    entertainment, not work.
  5. Jim Thompson

    Jim Thompson Guest

    John says, "I am buying..."

    It's quite likely the laptop can be purchased with XP installed
    instead of Vista. My Lenovo was available that way.

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  6. qrk

    qrk Guest

    When he receives the machine, he can upgrade it to XP. Newegg sells XP
    for $131 plus another hard drive so he can preserve his original
    installation for warranty purposes.

    Lenovo (IBM) is a rarity these days. Most have caved in to M$ pressure
    to push their crappy Vista OS. I think Lenovo charges an extra $85 if
    you want XP.
  7. krw

    krw Guest

    It's the hard drive that I have trouble with. ;-/
    Lenovo <> IBM (nothing to do with each other anymore, other than
    Lenovo uses IBM service). XP is still a $0 option for those systems
    that come with Vista Business. Apparently XP can either come
    installed or shipped as a DVD with Vista installed. I'm not sure if
    they still do it, but I ordered a free XP DVD for my wife's Vista
    Thinkpad some time back.
  8. qrk

    qrk Guest

    Gad, my boss paid $85 to get his new Lenovo with XP. They installed
    it, so perhaps the charge was for installation.
  9. krw

    krw Guest

    Perhaps it's model dependant. The models I looked at came with Vista
    Business, so XP Pro was a no cost option. If it's a Vista Home model,
    naturally the "Pro" version will cost more (as does Vista Business).
    THe point is that, according to the Lenovo site, they're not charging
    extra for (only) XP.
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