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Orcad Layout Footprint?

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by [email protected], Nov 28, 2005.

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  1. Guest

    Hey guys,

    I am new to this group and I am desperatly looking for the footprints
    of 4 Analog Device ICs. Is there anyone helping me on how to find the
    footprint libraries for Layout of Orcad? the ICs are:

    thanks so much,

  2. John B

    John B Guest

    A quick google on AD8331 turned up the Analog Devices data sheet with
    the QSOP20 (RS20) package perfectly detailed.

    It's worth a try.
  3. Boris Mohar

    Boris Mohar Guest

    If you can find the library, you can find the library editor. Don't trust
    someone else's footprints. Heck, don't even trust your own till you have
    made a working board an and allocated the blame.
  4. qrk

    qrk Guest

    The only slightly odd part is the AD8331ARQ. The other two parts are
    standard and can be found in the Orcad Layout standard libraries
    installed with Layout. The AR and BQ devices can be found in the
    DIPxxx and SOx libraries. You should also learn to make your own
    footprints! Layout version 10.x has a nice footprint generator.
  5. PeteS

    PeteS Guest

    This is a perennial type of post.

    Due to the differences in (it seems) everyone's needs (number of
    layers, keepouts etc), there is no such thing as a 'standard' footprint
    (well, perhaps most passives might have them but even so...).

    So the short answer is, if it isn't already in a library, make your
    own. Note that making your own footprints will not only make you more
    competent with the layout tool, it can (under some circumstances) also
    help you understand placing/routing requirements.


  6. Guest

    WOW. thank you guys.. that was a lot of help. I am trying to make the
    footprints by myself.
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