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OrCAD Capture 10.0 Good News and Bad News about Freebie

Discussion in 'CAD' started by Dr. Dagor, Feb 4, 2004.

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  1. Dr. Dagor

    Dr. Dagor Guest

    Good News... OrCAD Capture 10 fixes many of the interface and user
    interface issues that bugged me in previous releases. For example, it
    doesn't miss wire connects to nodes any more, and (with the new
    patch), doesn't seem to screw up netlist names like is used to.

    But... I have some schematics that ran fine in 9.2 that get a "Design
    too large" error in 10.0. And I'm not sure I'm hitting the 15
    component limit. Anyone know what OrCad did to their freebie version?
    Right now 10.0 is not a happy place.

    Two other pet peeves. The OrCAD download site has got to be the
    slowest thing since 9600 Baud Modems. I'm on a bleeding T3 at work
    and my throughput rate was a whopping 23K. And the file size is like
    170 MB. Yipes! Count on downloading over lunch.

    The subckt construct in PSPICE is not elegantly handled in Capture. I
    want to take a chunk of the circuit, highlight it, and then tell
    Capture to make it into a sub-circuit -- Capture should automatically
    copy the chunk to another sheet, do the off page references
    automatically, alias the net list names, and build a little PSPICE net
    list with correct names, etc. This really isn't too much to ask. I
    can't even use Capture's hierarchical feature to say, "make this layer
    a subckt."

    Oh... And their documentation still sucks. It's still organized from
    a developer point of view -- not a user point of view.
  2. Note that the demo of SS can do about 30 top level blocks, with each
    hierarchical schematic block containing about 25 real components, giving
    750 total. If you progressively turn schematics into .subckts, there is
    no limit.
    SS is only 5Meg for the lot.
    You want fries on this as well?

    Well, its fair bit to ask, but its an interesting feature though.
    Currently in SS, you must have the .subckt schematic already on a page
    with connectors, then press the create button. I'll have a think about
    adding this in now that the idea has been mentioned.

    Kevin Aylward
    SuperSpice, a very affordable Mixed-Mode
    Windows Simulator with Schematic Capture,
    Waveform Display, FFT's and Filter Design.

    "That which is mostly observed, is that which replicates the most"

    "quotes with no meaning, are meaningless" - Kevin Aylward.
  3. john ong

    john ong Guest

    Does anyone know if the new demo version is capable of simulating the
    transfer function of circuits because I wish to download the programme
    to simulate a circuit I am studying.
  4. Dr. Dagor

    Dr. Dagor Guest

    "Kevin Aylward" > You want fries on this as well?

    Don't need fries... I'll settle for chips (no pun intended). Please
    pass the vinegar.
    I'm interested that my note got you thinking about the possiblity.
    I'll have to bop on over to the SS side.
  5. Guest

    One of my friends said there is a way to change your 9.x OrCAD
    schematics to 10.0 by first converting them to version 7 then 10 can
    read them in. If you work for a company don't let them dare upgrade
    version 10, it sucks its very very buggy and it lock up every hour.
    Just installing it is a pain you have spend many hours just getting a
    good install. Ie full version. Stay away from this software for at
    least another year or till they fix it or its free. I am sure many
    employees for this company will write very angry letters however your
    software speaks for its self. Go buy design suit or electronic
    workbench then talk to me.
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