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Optoisolator Question...

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Jim Jose, Aug 9, 2003.

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  1. Jim Jose

    Jim Jose Guest

    Hello NG,...

    I am working on a project that I intend to use optoisolators as relays.
    In my ECG catalog there is a quad optoisolator,... the ECG3221. The project
    that I'm building will need 15 isolator circuits. Also, the voltage ratinmg
    on the 3221 is 6 volts and I really could usesomething in the 9 to 12 volt
    range. So...

    1. Does anyone know if there's a 12 volt chip out there (4 circuits per
    chip <quad> or better). If so, what is the part number and where would I
    find the beast ?

    2. What do these chips run pricewise ?

    Thanks in advance ! Jim
  2. Bob Minchin

    Bob Minchin Guest

    Hi Jim,

    I can't find the part you talk about but I just can't imaging such a low voltage

    I'm assuming your are talking about a transistor output type and the voltage of
    interest is the Vceo. Am I right?

    if so look at the Siemens ILQ 615-2 Vceo 30volts or the isocom ISQ201/ 202 or

    these are readily available in the UK at an equivalent pprice of about 2$US.

    Hope this helps or if I've got it wrong, come back with more detail and I'll try
    to help.


    Bob in UK
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