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Optima plus 2, zone fault + new PCB code query

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by Richard Neale, Nov 7, 2004.

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  1. Hi, I have a problem where I get intermittant tamper signal from
    Zone 6. There is no device connected to the Zone and I assume is a
    fault on the main PCB. I have checked all links, connections etc.
    Any advice on standard problems or fixes would be welcome.

    I have placed a bid for a used unit of same type to replace the faulty
    one if needed. However I don't have the necessary engineer's
    installation info
    so If I try to install the new PCB I will get locked out as it wont
    be programmed with a code I know. Is there a way to get round this and
    enter a new code in a 2nd hand alarm board?

    Can I get hold of original installation guide or engineers code from


  2. Cheers for the code, can I re-set the basis alarm board in order to clear
    any user code set? I simply want to get the used PCB and swap it for my faulty
    one but don't know the code for the replacement. Any advice would be great.


    Rich N.
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