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Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by [email protected], Nov 6, 2006.

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    Hi group.

    I'm trying to find a cheap(ish) columating lense to increase the field
    of view on a led receiver.
    The situation is I have a laser light source sending a beam over a
    varying distance, usually 8ft to 40ft, but the slightest vibration is
    causing the readings I'm getting back from the receiver to vary wildly.
    I need some means of focusing the light onto the receiving element. Any

  2. wrote in
    Red filter in front of an acrylic asphere lens like the Philips CAY046,
    same as used for collimating a laser diode output. Adjust the focus to
    reduce energy density, and to spread the spot, and use a photodiode of at
    least 1mm square. Alignment will need some well-made parts.
  3. I'm assuming your laser is red...

    Also, maybe stick a bit of mylar drafting film between a lens and a simple
    phototransistor, as a diffuser. That might work, and would be cheaper if it
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