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optical remote control question - model rocketry

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by Klein, Dec 3, 2003.

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  1. Klein

    Klein Guest

    I'm looking to control the rudder (only) on a model rocket launched glider.
    A kids project. (Yeah, sure! <grin>) Low weight is a huge consideration
    consideration. I'm wondering if I could use a LASER pointer with a sighting
    device (rifle scope?) to transmit a simple control signal to an IR receptor
    hanging below the glider (always in ground view). The signal (on, off; or
    modulated) would trigger muscle wire (solenoid) to the rudder, left and
    right. This way the major weight component would be the battery for the
    muscle wire.

    One question I have is whether a receptor sensitive to a LASER pointer beam
    is an off-the-shelf component?

    Otherwise, is this solution off base? I can't find it having been tried in
    the model rocketry or RC arena. Or is there a simpler or less expensive
    solution I'm missing?

    Tks all.
  2. classd101

    classd101 Guest

    Might be more realistic to look into transmitting some type of a
    unique carrier signal from base and use an MC within the glider (small
    and lightweight) to detect it and control the muscle wire to home in
    on the signal. You could easily turn this into a type of dive bomber
    or spy plane having it float around the base at high altitude, or
    both. Have fun you've got your work cut out for ya.
  3. N. Thornton

    N. Thornton Guest

    Try it with a simple kids glider, to see if you can keep the laser on
    target. I dont think you will somehow.

    Regards, NT
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