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OPT101 - Ti - Vibration problem - HELP!

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Design Group, Nov 2, 2003.

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  1. Design Group

    Design Group Guest

    We designed a device that detects very low light levels
    (micromillilamberts) and used the OPT101. In testing, the OPT101
    produces an output pulse up to .3-.8V when lightly tapped with a
    plastic rod. It resets shortly after but these problems cause our
    device to malfunction.

    Has anyone used an OPT101 with a 10-30M feedback resistor successfully
    in environments with some vibration?
  2. The high current to voltage gain of this circuit makes it very
    sensitive to any sources of changing current, including any moving
    charges. Are you sure it is not the moving static on the plastic rod
    you are amplifying, not the vibration of the circuit? Any parts with
    voltage on them have electric fields around them, and any movement of
    those parts near the input node will generate capacitive currents to
    that node. Good electrostatic shielding over the detector die is
    important. Shielding between the supply and output nodes of the
    amplifier and the input node is also important. Otherwise these DC
    potentials are a source of AC if they move with respect to the input
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