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Opinions about HF 45 Watt solar panels

Discussion in 'Home Power and Microgeneration' started by amdx, Jul 1, 2010.

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  1. amdx

    amdx Guest

  2. vaughn

    vaughn Guest

    There is really no reason to mess with HF stuff when real brand name merchandise
    is selling at record low prices. If you are anywhere in the south half of
    Florida, jump in your car and take a trip to Sun Electronics in downtown Miami.

  3. amdx

    amdx Guest

    Wow, a 40 watt unit for $104 + $14.00 shipping.
  4. amdx

    amdx Guest

    Ok, educate me,
    DuPont DA100-A1 100 Watt, 1.30 Imp, 76.96 Vmp $ 120.00
    What is the 1.30 Imp?
    The Vmp?
  5. Guest

    There's a support site for those interested in and /or using the HF 45
    watt panels:
    and a number of videos on
    search for harbor freight solar

    I'm trying to decide if some solar education is worth $160 - the
    $159.99 price is good through Monday (July 5). The HF panel would at
    least charge the battery enough to provide power for the home network
    (DSL modem, wireless router, laptop) for a couple of hours in the
    evening - then I could check email and read newsgroups when the power
    is out ;-)

    I have a decent battery (from FreeCycle, cost $0) and a somewhat
    better charge controller than the HF panel comes with (it's an
    EPHC-ST5 from, originally $27, but as a leftover from
    another project it's effectively $0). The controller specs are here:

    My AC generator education was $80 (a used 5KW unit on Craig's List
    that needed some TLC) - I've almost convinced myself that up-to-date
    power knowledge (solar) is worth it...

  6. vaughn

    vaughn Guest

    I am guessing that "mp" means "Maximum Power Point". If you multiply 76.96
    volts times 1.3 amps you get 100 watts. So that is a high voltage panel;
    probably not what you are looking for!

  7. amdx

    amdx Guest

    Like I said in my original post;
    "Thinking about using it to drive solar water heater pump."
    I think 20 watts is enough to drive the pump, but I'm still learning.
    PS. I'm not one that expects to run my home on solar collectors.
    I used 3,542 kWh last month, It will be more this month.
  8. Yup, for 600v strings. But theres 12v panels as well, under $2/w

  9. Guest

    For central Georgia, $14.20 is the UPS quick time and cost rate for
    $100 and under and the package taken to a UPS store (or the shipper
    has a daily pickup schedule). Using the calculator on the sunelec
    site, the 10lb shipping weight computes as 13lb and the shipping is

    Using the UPS calcuator for a non-daily-pickup shipper and a value of
    $105 gives a rate of $21 and change to central Georgia.

    Looks as though there is some "packing and handling" included in the
    sunelec calculation.

  10. vaughn

    vaughn Guest

    That would be perfectly logical.

    PV panels typically don't come from the factory individually packed for
    shipment. The cost and labor to pack one panel would be about the same as that
    for multiple panels. That is one reason why 1) Shipping PV panels ain't cheap
    2) They can offer a much better price for pallet lots and 3) I suggested a road
    trip to Miami for the OP.

  11. Guest

    They have a place in Phoenix as well. I know several people who've
    picked up there.

    Years ago I bought some PV from Sun, which had the modules
    drop-shipped from the manufacturer in NM IIRC. 2 modules to a box,
    foam spacers inside, boxes loose in the truck, which was probably the
    second or third the shipment had been in. No issues. Considering the
    hail-rating of the glass, I guess it can take some punishment.

    Also no problems with lots of other stuff via truck freight over the
    years, including a big-screen TV from several states away, and which
    had gone hundreds of miles out of its way for reasons known only to
    the shipping company. So I'm thinking that shipping PV is mostly
    uneventful. Come to think of it, out of a heck of a lot of shipments
    over the years by many methods, there are only 2 items that I can
    remember receiving damaged. One was a heavy speaker that was
    incredibly poorly packaged by an ebay seller. The other was a plastic
    wheel on a light-duty portable air-compressor, and I think that was
    busted before they packed it. The amount of stuff that moves around
    the country affordably and undamaged every day is pretty amazing.

  12. You

    You Guest

    "cheap jalous American are real scammers"
    So, if your batteries are so GREAT, and that much better than anyone
    else's, why are you not the only Battery OEM in the world? Publish your
    Battery Spec's so we can see, what they are.... Inquiring Minds want to
    know.... Do your batteries weigh more than everyone else's? Are the
    plates thicker, or do they have more surface area? Tell us all, jusr why
    we should listen to your pitch, over know Battery OEM's like Surrite, or
  13. vaughn

    vaughn Guest

    Oh? You can somehow peer into your computer monitor and see the backgrounds of
    all the folks who post here? Do you do that with or without wearing your
    tinfoil cap?
    Clearly you know nothing, or you would know the difference between Watts and

    Spammers are the worst kind of scum.

  14. Curbie

    Curbie Guest

    If this wasn't a criminal scam, it would be hilarious.

    These are only some of this crook's battery claims. (His Wind-Turbine
    claims are equally credible.)
    *Supplies constant power for lightning and electronic appliances up to
    10 days before requiring a recharge, outlasts standard Marine battery.
    *Boosts your Stereo system up, 50% more clear and stronger.
    *Helps combustion system burning fuel leaner, up to 100:1 ratio (if
    you how to adjust its ratio you save fuel enormously).
    *Saves fuel when you don' have to turn on vehicle' engine frequently,
    to run your Stunning Stereo system, power drill, etc. Our battery is
    equal to 300+ Farad capacitor, consistently supplying 13 13.5volt
    while engine is off, regular batteries usually drops below 12V or
    below with an engine is off, No Jumping problem under regular usage.
    *Makes your Off-grid living possible, requiring 3+ 4X batteries. Our
    batteries can power a 1400 watt refrigerator, requiring a good
    2000-2500W inverter.
    *Saves fuel by not carrying multiple batteries, why using two
    batteries when you can use one? *Save fuel by not carrying extra
    weight, especially for Diesel vehicle.
    *Runs power tools off your car/truck and still can start your vehicle. page7.html

    Supplies constant power for lightning and a 1400 watt refrigerator off
    3+ 4X batteries for 10 days before requiring a recharge.
    It makes a stereo 50% clearer.
    You can run a 100:1 air to fuel ratio.

    The only ways this moron has any experience living without power for
    months and years is either by not paying his power bill, or trying to
    live off-grid using the thrash he's try to sell on his web-site.
    LIES, GREBERISH, and an absolute SCAM.

  15. Curbie

    Curbie Guest

    This moron is a shoe-in for the cell-block's "Miss Electricity" title.
  16. Josepi

    Josepi Guest

    Would a prison cell be considered "off-grid"?

    Do prison cells have electricity?
  17. amdx

    amdx Guest

    Overkill, all I want to do is run a pump for thermal solar collectors to
    heat domestic water. 45 Watts is plenty.
  18. Randy

    Randy Guest

    My brother is running 12 HF sets on his roof in a 48V.series parallel
    arrangement hooked up to a Outback MX60 charge controller and GTFX3048
    He should be getting 540 Watts but around 200 is typical.
    But for those worried about them being cheap, they do fell flimsy at first
    but they have held up well to quarter sized hail, 60 MPH winds, and
    squirrels haven't touched the wires.
    I bought 4-Photowatt 80s with a Morningstar SS10-24 and easily match or
    surpass that performance with much less surface area.
    If I had it to do over again, I would like the Evergreen 200 watt panels.
    I like the guys at Sunelec, they work best over the phone and are very
    Just my two cents worth.
    Take care
  19. He'll only get 540 watts at high noon on a clear day near the
    equator with the panels pointing straight at the sun.
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