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Opinion about the DSO Nano V2

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by OBones, Nov 4, 2010.

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  1. OBones

    OBones Guest


    Browsing around on the web, I stumbled across this page:

    On the paper, this looks interesting for me as a hobbyist.
    Reading some reviews, I understand that this is not comparable to a more
    complete DSO (Rigol DS1502E comes to mind), but could be enough for my
    limited usage.

    Do you know about this device?
    What do you think of it?
    Has anyone around here used it?

  2. OBones

    OBones Guest

    It's listed at 89$

    Price is a big reason I'm looking at this, another one is small size and
  3. JW

    JW Guest

    (SER added)

    Lots of limitations: 1 channel, 1MHz analog bandwidth, 1MSa/s.

    Cute though. Might be good for finding high ESR caps, especially in hot
    circuits because it's (obviously) isolated being battery powered.
  4. OBones

    OBones Guest

    Already done for an Android based phone:
  5. ScadaEng

    ScadaEng Guest

    I just ordered one. It is the 1.6 hardware version. It has the hardware
    capability to go to 2MHZ, the firmware is not yet released. It is open
    source code with schematic included and supported by their website.Got mine
    from ebay. It has a nice probe that is switchable 1X-10X. It also comes with
    a usb cable. A lot of the ones I've seen don't have the usb cable. I have
    not received it yet, its still in shipment so I can't comment on the
    preformance. A video on their web page shows a square wave signal starting
    to roll off @ around 150-200KHZ. The 2MHZ firmware I assume will be at least
    twice that. Its not great bandwidth, but it will fit my immediate needs.Came
    to $73 with shipping. It should work out good for me, I have an immediate
    need for slow waveform captures. However I won't be throwing out my 40MHZ
    scope anytime soon.
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