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OpenTech open source designs and tools

Discussion in 'CAD' started by [email protected], Sep 7, 2005.

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    The new release (1.5.1) of OpenTech is available now with more and more
    new free open source hardware designs and design software. This is the
    11th release of OpenTech in 6 years. OpenTech is the first and the only
    package that distributes open source hardware designs (e.g. VHDL,
    Verilog, PCB, schematics......) and hardware design software (e.g.
    Synthesis tools, schematic captures, PCB and IC layout, simulators

    For information about the contents, the available packages and ordering
    information visit

    To offer support to OpenTech users we started teh OpenSupport programs
    where you can forward your support requests about the listed designs
    and tools.
    If you can provide support to other designs or tools you can join this
    program and offer support and earn money

    We are currently searching for free (or open source) documentation,
    books, tutorials or study materials to include them in the future
    releases of OpenTech

    OpenTech offers some special offers to students and universities
    (contact us for more info)

    Besides that we are looking for local distributors or resellers of
    OpenTech CDROMs

    For more information visit our site or send us email

    Best regards,
    Jamil Khatib
    OpenTech maintainer
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