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Open SSID for HP printers

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by root, Jan 3, 2014.

  1. root

    root Guest

    I went walking around my neighborhood scanning for open wifi
    hotspots and found several HP printers. Does that mean
    that someone could park outside the place and a long stream
    of documents to the printer(s)?
  2. Look on the bright side. They can't retrieve the printing unless they
    break into your house.

  3. Paul Drahn

    Paul Drahn Guest

    True, but they can print pornographic pictures for your kids viewing

  4. Leif Neland

    Leif Neland Guest

    Paul Drahn forklarede den 03-01-2014:
    Or, like a glazier hires a punk kid to break windows, an office supply
    dealer can hire somebody to use all the toner and paper :)

  5. root

    root Guest

    I must not have made myself clear. I wonder whether a person
    who has his printer setup as open could be victimized by
    someone outside sending stuff to the open printer.

    In my search for open sites I saw that some sites came
    up as open and were HP printers. I don't know where they
    are, they are just somewhere and open.
  6. Leif Neland

    Leif Neland Guest

    root forklarede den 04-01-2014:
    I believe that's what the previous poster means.

    They might be able to print on your printer, but they have to break
    into your house to get the print.

    But what they print could be X-rated, or they could just all your

    Perhaps it is possible to sneak malware to the printer, which could
    send copies of the printed/scanned to a remote destination, or could
    attack orher units on the local net.

    I know of no such things however...
  7. mike

    mike Guest

    check the name on the mailbox...
    Hi, jim sent me by to pick up the printouts...
  8. Root-

    Obviously someone could do that. Damage might be limited by how much
    paper is in the printer, or how quickly the owner could react if nearby.

    Many wireless printers come with their WiFi set up in ad-hoc mode. HP
    also has their "Wi-Fi Direct" mode. You can connect directly to them
    unless they have been paired with a WiFi router.

    I think what you are seeing are wireless printers that are either
    connected by a USB cable instead of WiFi, or are being used with iPhones
    that have their internet connection through the phone company.

    The owners may not be aware that the printer's WiFi is open! Anyone
    that has such a printer should at least set the WiFi to require a

  9. Chris Jones

    Chris Jones Guest

  10. N_Cook

    N_Cook Guest

    Just the sort of thing kids would get up to today. Find some pics on the
    householder's fleecebook page etc and a bit of photoshopping with some
    porn pics, then print out on their printer would be a whizzo prank to play.
  11. root

    root Guest

    This video is well worth watching. Thanks for the link.
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