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Open Door Beeper

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by robboll, Feb 9, 2007.

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  1. robboll

    robboll Guest

    I put a combination lock on a supply room that I know will remain
    unsecure much of the time. People who use the supply room will simply
    forget to lock it as they leave. What I would like is an audible --
    non irritating -- alarm, or an intermittent beep (like a lot of
    microwaves have when you forget to remove your food after one minute
    or so). Oh yea -- I just about forgot about my hotdog.

    The alarm or periodic beep happens only when the door is open, and
    turns off when the door is closed. The switch can't be that
    complicated, but works essentially in reverse of what you would
    think. I couldn't find anything of the nature at Home Depot or Lowes,
    so I thought I'd see if someone in internet land might know of such a
    switch, or product that has this functionality.

    Thanks for any suggestions!

  2. Rich

    Rich Guest

    A door strike and keypad will keep it secure.
    Only those allowed in will get in, and it will always be lock unless some
    one blocks it open.
  3. robboll

    robboll Guest

    Thanks -- it looks like it might work.
  4. Barney

    Barney Guest
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