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Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by The Question Guy?, Apr 16, 2007.

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  1. Fix – it – Find it - & I will not pay for it if it's not Right?
    Just a Question for Me? Any electronics Question(s) –
    with reasonable amounts of information. I think I can do
    something here?

    Any Inquiries welcome as I am planning to start an -
    "on-Line" Business somewhere soon - so - "it's a bit serious?"

    No Question is a bad Question - & I'm not a bad Tech?
  2. Whitchitaw

    Whitchitaw Guest

    Well, Question Guy, - try this one?

    Now, & then - I can't pay as you said, but here it is.

    I have a photo receiver, or as the email said, a thing called a
    small epoxy driven complex little, "speaker" that is small, but is still
    in the ready stage. How is it that this little thing cannot pick up that
    much stuff?

    Whitchitaw whatever
  3. Well, we meet again on this NewsGroup thing.

    The secret is the "implication".

    This means that the problem with "most" receivers is - too much Juice!!!!
    That is to say - that the listening stuff in the amplification mode -
    actually is the receptor of what it is to "suck" in the audio - so that -
    too much Juice or too big of a wire on a speaker - turns it into
    a speaker & not a microphone. This should solve your problem.

    Thanks for the Question & the rest is billed - ok?

    Next free Question please? I am not "Q" to You?
  4. John Fields

    John Fields Guest

    Dear Mr. The Question Guy:

    In the electronics newsgroups it's considered rude to top-post and
    multi-post, so in the future please bottom or in-line post where
    it's necessary for clarity, and crosspost, which will make it
    possible for any reader in any of the groups you cross-post to to
    see the entire thread without having to go from group-to-group and
    get it piecemeal.


    I think you'll have a hard time getting paying customers around here
    since we mostly give it away for free. :)


    You may want to add alt.binaries.schematics.electronic,
    sci.electronics.misc and to your newsgroups

  5. jasen

    jasen Guest

    If you were any good you'd have cross-posted,

  6. Reversing Post - Illegal!

  7. Stupid Post - Illegal.

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