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ONKYO T407 AM/FM Tuner

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Brasto, Oct 17, 2007.

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  1. Brasto

    Brasto Guest

    Maybe just fingertrouble only, but I cannot enter a station into the
    tuner memory.
    It looks like all the presets are stored with the same 87.000 Mhz
    If I try the DIRECT tuning mode and enter e.g. 92.000 it will find
    that freq and station. As soon as I press memory it will return to
    I have no User Manual or REMOTE is there a special trick to STORE a
    station like holding a button for x seconds?, pushing 2 buttons
    simultaneously? or is the set just not working as advertised?

  2. Arfa Daily

    Arfa Daily Guest

    With many tuners, you have to press and hold the button for the channel that
    you are programming for several seconds before then pressing store. I'm sure
    that a user manual is to be found somewhere on the 'net for free.

  3. Brasto

    Brasto Guest

    TY Arfa,
    I'll try your recipe, but I would not be to sure about finding the
    User Manual..(I had no luck anyway)
  4. Arfa Daily

    Arfa Daily Guest claim to have it for $9.99, but I did not find anywhere for
    free. Onkyo themselves have a website, and they have a "contact" tab, so it
    might be worth just e-mailing them and asking if they have the user manual,
    or at least if anyone can advise you on the correct procedure. Nothing to
    lose and they can only say no ... Many manufacturers are quite helpful in
    this respect.

  5. Don't remember exactly, but the 407 is unusual. I think you press the memory
    button, then a "class" button, at which time the station will be entered
    into that class. Each class button hold so many stations. I have a 407,
    that's what I remember anyway. I have a paper manual somewhere, but there
    doesn't seem to be a PDF available from Onkyo...

    Mark Z.
  6. Brasto

    Brasto Guest

    Aaah, I start to understand those CLASS buttons, obviously they are
    there to expand the number of possible Pre-Sets. In the meantime I
    tried the previous advice to hold the station keys for 5 secs or so,
    but that did not work. I also checked the hidden 0.1Farad memory
    backup. It measures 4.7 VDC when Mains is on and drps to 2.5VDC when
    the plug is pulled.
    Mark I'll see the machine again tomorrow and will try your
  7. Brasto

    Brasto Guest

    Ok Mark, Yes that works..I am able now to store a station into CLASS,
    I donot know how to OVERRIDE or to CLEAR an existing entry. There also
    is a pushbutton labelled ""APR"" which seems not to function as I
    cannot cycle from on to off.
  8. I have not figured how to override a station entry. Like I said - the T-407
    is unusual.
    It seems the APR is a momentary contact switch which sets the APR settings
    according to the reception conditions at that moment. This setting WILL be
    applied to that station in class memory, so be sure the mono/stereo, DX etc
    are set where you want them before the station is entered into a class. I do
    think that if you manually set a station to MONO for example or switch the
    LOCAL/DX status, the APR is effectively OFF.

    I'm sure someone out there understands these units better than me. I only
    acquired my 407 pretty recently, and don't even listen to radio that much...

    Mark Z.
  9. So if you don't know why don't you shut your dumbass up, dumbass.
  10. Eat shit. I've helped this guy before - and I'm the closest thing to a
    resource he's got on this thing. You know, it's really not as cool as you
    seem to think coming on here and disrupting the group. It does not mean you
    are clever or smart - just an asshole.


    Mark Z.
  11. Brasto

    Brasto Guest

    Hello Mark,
    Well OK, at least you learned me how to get a station into memory, to
    get one out is a different story and probably I'll acquire that manual
    someday as I like the receiver. As soon as I know the tricks I'll let
    you know. Hope these messages do not upset Mr de Winter any further,
    he must have ""een erg kort lontje !!""
  12. OK this is what the owners manual says about memorizing stations. This is
    ALL it says on the subject.

    "How to classify and memorize stations

    The memory can be divided (classified) for different users or programs of

    With this model eight classes (CLASS A TO H) are available and stations can
    be memorized in any class.

    A total of 40 stations can be memorized in classes from A to H. Although the
    same station can be memorized in different classes, the memory number for
    the station will differ depending on the order in which the station is
    memorized in the classes.

    1. Tune in the desired station (see previous section on the tuning

    2. Press the MEMORY button. The memory indicator will flash for 8 seconds.

    3. Press the desired Classified Memory button (one of the buttons A to H).
    The station is memorized in the selected class with the memory number which
    is the smallest of the unoccupied numbers in the class.

    By repeating the operations above, up to 40 stations can be memorized. If an
    attempt is made to memorize 41 stations, "FULL" will be displayed in the
    frequency display, indicating that no more stations can be memorized."

    Mark Z.
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