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Onkyo receiver problem

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Oct 14, 2005.

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  1. Guest

    Ok, I got my hands on an Onkyo TX-850 receiver. The problem with it is,
    it refuses to turn on/stays in standby mode. BUT if I hairdry the
    electrolytic caps or leave the unit alone for about 24 hours, it will
    power on normally and work fine for a few minutes.

    So, is there a good chance that replacing the caps will fix the

    I do have the service manual for this just in case.
  2. Jack

    Jack Guest

    I would seem like a cap problem. Usuallu the might work, if you heat them.
    However it might be just one bad cap. Use of a ESR meter would simpify this

  3. I just had one of these a few months ago...this was the fix!

    Text pasted from WinSTIPS 2.0

    ONKYO TX850

    Front Panel Display Dead

    Art Bevilacqua

    The Problem Turned Out To Be A .022 Ufd Cap At The Collector Of The Reset
    Transistor, Nearly Completely Shorted And Pulling Down That Reset Line To
    Zero Volts. This Cap Was On The Front Panel, But Was Soldered Onto The Back,
    Directly To The Traces, And Held Steady By Everyone's Favorite Glue Junk.


    Jeff Stielau
    Shoreline Electronics Repair
    344 East Main Street
    Clinton,CT 06413
    860-664-3535 (fax)

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