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On the Dole Again..... Can't wait to get back on the Dole again...

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by Graham Cooper, Feb 11, 2013.

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  1. NAH I'm not that Desperate!

    Hello Cam Affiliate,

    Congratulations! You have earned commissions on referrals to

    Your commission is

    TOTAL: $1549 2013-02-04 Mon
    TOTAL: $1640 2013-02-05 Tue
    TOTAL: $1780 2013-02-06 Wed
    TOTAL: $2230 2013-02-07 Thu
    TOTAL: $2123 2013-02-08 Fri
    TOTAL: $1550 2013-02-09 Sat
    TOTAL: $1865 2013-02-10 Sun

    7 DAY TOTAL: $12741


    CLOCKY (
  2. With all this wealth and you're still living in a shed in the bush!
  3. Every house I've lived in the last 10 years Police dragged me away..

    "Please reply in a day or 2"
    "You better hope you're right"
    "Happy Valentines Day"
    "I'm going for a walk"
    "Nice waves this morning, Officer!"
    "No YOU are an idiot!"
    "My car broke down I'm at a motel"
    "The Appointment card says Next Tuesday!"
    "Are you Win News legal representative?"
    "You ditched my rental application!"

    This is all it takes for prison in Australia!

  4. Being a loony who makes mass death threats helps also.....
  5. Clocky

    Clocky Guest

    Wow, that sure is a lot of imaginary money!
  6. I imagine so.....
  7. Alex

    Alex Guest

    Graham has obviously forgotten that he's previously claimed to *own*
    the Camgirls site. Now he's just a "cam affiliate" instead.

    I suppose it's difficult for him to keep track of the many
    Usenet claims over the years for his various personas ("psychic",
    porn-monger, Biblical character, movie character, math "genius" etc.)

  8. Sylvia Else

    Sylvia Else Guest

    I hope you're keeping the tax man informed. Maybe I should forward this
    message to him.

  9. Trevor

    Trevor Guest

    Not really, Gina makes more *real* money than that every hour :-(

  10. Trevor

    Trevor Guest

    Do they impose imaginary tax on imaginary interest, or real tax as they do
    on notional interest, which is also imaginary IMO.

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