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On hold telephone message circuit

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Charles Jean, Dec 6, 2006.

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  1. Charles Jean

    Charles Jean Guest

    Is there a way to play a wav file over an open telephone line? Can
    the earphone output of a sound card be used? Would it need to be
    amplified or attenuated? Capacitance coupled?
  2. Luhan

    Luhan Guest

    A 600-600 ohm transformer is the usual way. The headphone level is a
    pretty good match, but if you pump too much signal into the phone line,
    you will piss-off the phone company.

  3. Don Bowey

    Don Bowey Guest

    You should post this at s.e.b.

    It's fairly simple to do, and the sound card probably has high enough output
    for the job.
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