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Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by Bob La Londe, Feb 27, 2005.

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  1. Bob La Londe

    Bob La Londe Guest

    I have to look at a couple Omni panels next week. Both clients want ne to
    take them over... Any tips? Odd ball stuff to look for or look out for?
  2. Mark Leuck

    Mark Leuck Guest

    Nothing oddball, nice alpha keypads, everything is menu driven and very easy
    to program. Depending on which Omni you may only have 4/2 as a choice of
    format, later versions will do Contact ID. I programmed mine out of the box
    without looking much at the instruction manual. spare parts can be expensive
    and you have to be a dealer to get them unless you order from RLB or Downloading software is a little bit primitive and you do
    have to pay for it, they also have software for the end user to control
    remotely via phone or internet.

    These panels are more home automation than security systems so in some ways
    you are a little more limited than a regular alarm panel but they are
    excellent for home automation. I've had an OmniLT for a month or so and
    while I know the security side of it I haven't gotten into the home
    automation part yet so your out of luck if you need help with that.

    Email me if you need more info, I'll see what I can dig up.
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