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Older Mitsubishi PIP bypass

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Cutty Cunningham, Feb 14, 2004.

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  1. The video rolls on my Mitsubishi CS-35803, but audio and menus are
    perfect. My pip board is a 930C812-012 with discrete electrolytic
    capacitors. I have replaced most of the caps, but can't find the 47
    mf non-polarized at my local store. Anyway, the problem is not fixed.
    I will order the other caps via the net, but does anyone remember how
    to bypass this PIP board? My two plugs are 9 pin and 11 pin. I
    verified that with no PIP board, there is no video. I also tried to
    bypass the PIP board with a substitute 9 pin with a 47 mf and a 0.01
    mf cap in a couple of configurations (looking at the bypass for the
    newer boards with the 11 pin plug), but this didn't solve the rolling
    video. I think the PIP board is the problem, but a bypass would tell
    for sure. Thanks.
    Cutty Cunningham
  2. JohnAce

    JohnAce Guest

    Do a Google search for that problem and you should find your answer. Look for
    Mitsubishi PIP problem
  3. I looked thru about 25 pages of postings, but all were directed at the
    boards with the SMD caps and the 11 pin plug. My board has a 9 pin
    plug and I didn't find any info about this type of PIP board.
  4. john

    john Guest

    Dig deep its in there.

  5. Could be because nobody ever bypasses these modules. It is very unusual to
    have a PIP problem with these. The problem is more likely in the switching
    circuits or video signal path. The sets after the series with the SMD cap
    problems have very few PIP problems at all.

    I suggest you get a service manual and troubleshoot by tracing the signal.

    Leonard Caillouet
  6. John Del

    John Del Guest

    Subject: Re: Older Mitsubishi PIP bypass
    The sets after the series with the SMD cap
    True. I have had several of these over the years that had problems both on the
    main board and the AV input board causing various sync issues. I can't recall
    ever having a PIP module like this one fail.

    John Del
    Wolcott, CT

    "I'm just trying to get into heaven, I'm not running for Jesus!"
    Homer Simpson

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