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Old TI databook:TMS1025N2LC

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by André Mylle, May 7, 2004.

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  1. André Mylle

    André Mylle Guest


    Does anybody have one of these old yellow databooks from TI (1980...1986)?
    I am looking for the datasheet of a TMS1025N2LC.
    It is an I/O expander, so it must be in a intercafe or microcontroller
    I was looking for the difference for the N2L and N2LC suffixes.
    I have a N2L used for a N2LC, without success, and i would like to know why.

    I have tried to get info directly from TI, and -yes- i got an answer, but
    they have nothing about the part anymore.
    The chip is out of production for many years now.

    So, if you find such a databook, i would appreciate to have a copy of the

    (replace digits 123... in my email address with letters abc...)
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