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Old Sony Compact Disc Player skips a lot

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Angelo Campanella, Nov 6, 2010.

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  1. I have an old stereo with a 5-disk player that I want to use for general
    background music throughout the day.... but it skips badly on many of my old
    favorite discs accumulated over the years. They all play well on other
    single-CD players including in my car.

    But this old 5-disk unit skips badly for most of those CD's. The
    changing mechanism works well, but tracking is not nearly up to snuff.

    One or two discs will work reliably. "Carmena Burana" (TELARC, Stero CD
    80056) tracks well, but faint levels are too faint, I think. That leads me
    to believe that the tracking mechanics, gears, etc are OK. But maybe the
    amplifiers, Dolby or filters are not up to spec.

    Other CDs including "Brandenburg Concertos", (TELARC 20 bit 2CD-80412)
    are hopeless when cold, but about 60% trackable after long warm-up. Still
    other CDs won't even lock in but jump quickly band-to-band until they run
    out and the player trundles to the next disc.

    On opening up and scrutinizing the optic head assembly (lens now wiped
    clean of any dust) I see three miniature pots on the lens carriage... Do
    those pots provide any useful adjustment?


    Angelo Campanella
  2. Poor tracking is often due to a deteriorating laser. The pots might help,
    but don't adjust them without knowing what you're doing.
  3. N_Cook

    N_Cook Guest

    Assuming the skips do not occur at the same mechanical point of all CDs and
    so gear/rack problem

    If you do adjust any pots , measure ohms of each to 3 figures before
    fiddling, and measure each way just in case a difference. And only a minimal
    amount of change each time. Find a CD and specific track that at the moment
    gives a consistent amount of seconds of skip, to monitor against
  4. Meat Plow

    Meat Plow Guest

    One pot adjusts the laser intensity which could compensate for aging but
    it probably would just hasten the inevitable complete failure of the
    laser block.

  5. STOP. Don't go adjusting anything except as a last resort. Clean the laser
    lens, lubricate the spindle motor shaft where it enters the motor body. Do
    the same for the sled motor and re-grease the gears and lubricate the slide
    rail and over on the other side of the pickup where it slides along the
    pickup base.
    You have described a KSS 240 or 240A pickup. The flat cable they used to
    connect the pickup to the board may have developed stress cracks from
    flexing. This was a common problem and may require the cable be replaced.
    The pickup itself is probably OK, but you never know; the 240's would
    occasionally be intermittent.

    Mark Z.
  6. When it runs, I see no light at all. Shouldit be red or bue? There are
    infrared style lasers that run around 1.1 microns wavelength (visible is 1/2

    So what do I look for to buy a replacement? and if I get one, how do I
    install it?

    If it is vsible light, it shoud be quite evident.

    Another thing, this sensor appears to position its lens right up against
    the CD disk... If it's spaced away, it an't be more than a millimeter or so.

    I mic'd the disk thicknesses. They are all 41 to 42 mils thick, about

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