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old RAM chip data

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by Gareth Magennis, Aug 5, 2005.

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  1. Hi,

    I used to have a link to a page of obsolete RAM chips, their numbers,
    pinouts and equivalents, but can't find anything any more. Things like
    41464 DRAM for instance. Anyone any pointers?



  2. Thanks, but what I was really after is an equivalents table. The same RAM
    chip is known under lots of very different numbers depending on who
    manufactured it. There used to be such a table on the net and I can't find
    it any more. If you try and find 41464 chips, that is all you will find,
    even though there are others you can substitute. It also made
    identification quick and easy.


  3. And someone just pasted last week, I think in here but if not in one
    of the other newsgroups in the hierarchy, that they'd scanned an old
    memory guide that was supposed to provide that sort of information.
    I've not looked at it yet, but just look back through recent messages.

  4. And someone just pasted last week, I think in here but if not in one

    Thanks Michael, but after hours of searching all I could find is this:

    It is just the sort of thing I need but does not have much in the way of
    older parts, which is actually what I need the most!

    Amy other pointers from anyone would be very handy.


  5. No, I meant look back through the messages here, and then you'll find
    Franc Zabkar message about about a Motorola memory guide. It may
    be too old for your purposes, as I said I've not yet looked it over,
    but he put the scanned guide on the web at (1.5MB, 8 pages)

    Actually, I think you are looking for relatively recent parts, but
    time is relative.

    Have you just put one of the IC numbers in a search engine? I know
    I've done that, and the hits return pages that include commercial
    sites that often do cross-reference, since they are trying to
    sell you the parts they have.

  6. See if you can find the mirror for the old web pages of
    arcade game support. Al had a bit with a cross reference for RAM from
    the 70's and 80's.

    This info is also usually in the front pages of old RAM data books.

    John :-#)#
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