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old National databook wanted

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by Matt Carpenter, Sep 9, 2003.

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  1. Ok, I'm fishing.

    I'm looking for an old databook I used to own: National Mass Storage
    Handbook (from 1988 or 1989).

    This book has a great description of disk drive operation and the associated

    Unfortunately, I must have thrown it away. Now I'd like to re-learn some of
    that content.

    National simply reports that, indeed, the book is not published anymore!

    Any help appreciated! Please drop me an e-mail (just in case I don't catch
    the group reply)

    Matt Carpenter
    email: mkath at charter dot net
  2. I have a copy, though it's from 1986. Won't sell it. (I don't think
    I've ever opened that book before.)
  3. By the way, I think this part of the book is AN-413, which you can
    find in .pdf form here :

  4. Eduardo

    Eduardo Guest

    I've a 1989 edition (not for sale), some AN of that book are still available

    AN-413: Disk Interface Design Guide and Users Manual , Size: 2254 Kbytes
    AN-494: Designing with the DP8462, Size: 278 Kbytes
    AN-500: Designing an ESDI Disk Controller Subsystem with National's DP8466A,
    Size: 308 Kbytes


  5. Thanks guys. I really appreciate the Application Note references. They
    appear to have the information I was looking for!

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