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Old microwave ovens

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Norman, Aug 22, 2003.

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  1. Norman

    Norman Guest

    Anyone got any good use for old microwave ovens ?

    I thought about the Tesla coil but I'm not too keen on building those caps.
  2. Gary Tait

    Gary Tait Guest

    Use the timers for various munite timers. I was using one to replace
    the function of the failed clock/timer unit on the stove, until the
    keypad failed. The microswitches could be useful. I couldn't help you
    with the H-V section though.
  3. Rich Andrews

    Rich Andrews Guest

    There are a few websites devoted to Tesla coils, etc, utilizing microwave
    power supplies. A word of caution. One cannot make *any* mistakes nor
    can one be too cautious when dealing with microwave power supplies. A
    charged cap alone is enough to cause your body to assume room temperature.

  4. Several web sites show how to rewind the secondary of the transformer for
    use as a small spot welder like for spot welding ni-cad battery packs and
    things of thicker steel.

    Or rewind for a heavy duty power supply

    Or just use the old microwave to destroy CD-R disks, just takes a few
    seconds but smells bad.
  5. Everyone is overlooking the obvious. If it's an old microwave oven,
    there is always a need for boat anchors.
  6. Hi!

    Here's a novel suggestion! (Novel because nobody else suggested it!)

    Why don't you just it as a microwave oven until it dies? Many old microwaves
    will last a very long time if you keep the vents and interior clean...and if
    the fan is kept properly lubricated.

    If you have more microwaves than you know what to do with, donate them to
    people or groups or sell them for $20 per.

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