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Old LCD-display control?

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by Jiri Kuukasjärvi, Jul 31, 2003.

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  1. Hi!

    I have this old 640x480, 256 color LCD- display..
    ALOIS VGA slim monitor to 256 color

    Sun Up Computer Co.LTD
    Model: LCD Display 640*480
    Serial 000440
    Made in Taiwan R.O.C
    Size around 10" luokkaa (display area 20cm*15cm)
    The connector is a 26-pin D, with three rows of pins.

    Does anyone know, how to control this display?
    Has it been used for computer w. some special display adapter?

    I opened the display, and there´s a Hitachi LMG6123XUFC- panel inside.

    - Jiri K.
  2. By that CMOS interface you mean something similar to Laptop computer
    display interface these days?

    Yes, building adapter for this is.. something I´m not even thinking
    aboat. Before I opened the display´s case, I was thinking that maybe it
    would be so smart board, that it takes some analog format video signal..
    But no.

    But since I have some industrial computer MOBO here, that has a LCD-
    controller... That might be able to control the panel.

    I just need the connector pinout (either the 26pin D, or the 20pin flat
    cable that goes to the board.

    - Jiri K.
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