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Old JCPenny Garage Door Opener/Receiver

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Firas, Oct 16, 2007.

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  1. Firas

    Firas Guest

    I just moved into a house which has an automatic garage door opener
    installed. However the previous owners did not leave any of the
    controllers/clickers. The receiver is from JC Penny and my guess is it
    is at least 30 years old. It works fine so I would have to replace it,
    but I would like to have the ability to open the door from outside.
    Any suggestions on how to find the frequency so I can buy a new
    clicker? JCPenny doesnt carry this type of equipment as far as I can
  2. Bill Miller

    Bill Miller Guest

    I didn't shop around, but this is probably what you're looking for. Worked
    great for me--connects to the terminals normally operated by a wired
    open/close switch..
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