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Old equipment manuals to give away

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by SDB, Aug 21, 2003.

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  1. SDB

    SDB Guest

    Documentation only, give away to good home. Everything must go, one way or
    the other.

    Roche Centrifichem 400 Service Manuals

    Varian COS IIIC Chromatograph Operators Manual & Circuits

    Tally 2000 Printer Maunal

    Spectra-Physics SP4270 Operators Manual

    Teletype 33 (3 x ) Manuals

    Nicolet 1080 Data Acquisition System Operators Manual & Circuits

    Schomandl ND100M Freqenzdekade (German) Manual

    Anyone know of a library for this type of stuff?

    Steve Beames, Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia.
  2. Bruw

    Bruw Guest

  3. Hello Steve,
    here is a good place to send your manuals.
    then they will be available to anyone and you can borrow
    other manuals.

    The deal is, you donate a manual you can borrow a manual.
    Donate several manuals then you can borrow several manuals.
    Borrower pays for postage.

    There is another mob, High Country something or other. Talk
    about wounded bulls charging. That outfit is not for hobbyists
    who want a photo copy of a circuit. When you talk to them
    it is tens of dollars plus plus plus and GST on top. Sorry no
    single sheet photocopies. Ruthless people!
    I better shut up, I feel a rant comming on about makers
    not supplying circuit diagrams. A pet hate of mine.

    John Crighton
  4. SDB

    SDB Guest

    Thanks Guys, I'll probably send them to Charles.

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