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Old CRT tubes

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Karl-Heinz, May 21, 2004.

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  1. Karl-Heinz

    Karl-Heinz Guest


    the CRT tube 240NB4 (green) is used in an old computer monitor. I have to
    replace this tube. I found a C10M36P31 (alternatively shown in the diagram
    for this is a 2728831) with the same dimensions. I do not have any data
    sheets about these tubes. Does anyone know if I can replace the 240NB4 by a
    C10M36P31 or by the 2728831 ?

    If you also have any data sheets for these tube, please send them to me,

  2. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    In my experience if it'll physically fit then it'll usually work fine, of
    course this is true only for the tube, not the deflection yoke.
  3. Karl-Heinz

    Karl-Heinz Guest


    thanks for the answer.

    I made some complex checks before I replaced the tubes. The replacement was
    successful. Now I could see a difference between the tubes: The 240NB4
    displays white characters, the C10M36P31 and the 2728831 display green
    characters. I had not to exchange the deflection yokes.

  4. Karl-Heinz

    Karl-Heinz Guest

    sorry, the correct type is 2728B31 not 2728831.
  5. The P31 or P4 or B4, the last digits of the part number are the
    phosphor type. For instance the first color CRT suffixes were P22, P4
    is a white phosphor, etc
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