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Old 5ft Fluorescent Lights

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by soxlamp180w, Feb 4, 2004.

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  1. soxlamp180w

    soxlamp180w Guest

    Hello All

    I have a old 5ft Fluorescent light which was made in the 1940s

    I am wishing to know if you can still buy the 5ft 80w Fluorescent tubes with
    BC caps and the large 4 pin starter switches or do I need to replace the
    starter swich socket with a modern type and the lampholders from BC type to
    Bi pin type and use a 58 1 in dia or 65w 1 1/2 in dia tube


  2. AC/DCdude17

    AC/DCdude17 Guest

    X-No-Archive: Yes
    What's the designation of the lamp?

    If it's a T17 type and you don't have more than a few fixtures, I wouldn't
    bother looking for special lamps.

    Modern type fluorescent systems are much more efficient and they don't need a

    You can go for 75W F60T12/HO cool white or 55W F60T8/HO triphosphor. They're
    both about 4,500 mean lumens.

    The 75W T12 is brigher at first, but after you put about 8,000hrs on them, they
    put about the same amount of output. The newer 55W T8 will maintain output much
    better through the life.

    Both types takes recessed double contact sockets.
  3. I beg to differ. The 75WT12 is a single pin base, and much more readily
    availible than the 55W.

    Home depot has gone to these 55WT5HO lamps. They have been in the store
    about two months. Already several ballast failures have occoured. Four of
    the six lamps are out in 10 or more fixtures in only a couple of months. I
    dont know about you but I think that is piss poor. If this is the future of
    lighting, keep me in the reliable past.
  4. JM

    JM Guest


    Very tough to say the current disposition of bayonet replacement tubes, but
    here's a little insight about them. Sheets/Philips MCFE80.htm
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