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OK to leave TV in cold house?

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by tempus fugit, Oct 23, 2003.

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  1. tempus fugit

    tempus fugit Guest

    Hey all;

    My inlaws have a cottage by the lake that they are closing up for the
    winter. They have a couple of TVs there, and I'm wondering of they sohould
    move them into town for the winter. The cottage is insulated but won't be
    heated for most of the winter (it gets down to 10 or 20 below Celsius around
    here in winter). Will the cold/humidity damage the TVs, or will they be OK?

  2. Sure. If you don't drop the TVs in water before freezing, and the
    temperature changes are not too abrupt (which should not be the case in a
    cottage), they should survive the hardest polar winter. They should however
    stay disconnected from mains and not be reconnected until slowly warmed up
    to a temperature above 5-7 Celsius. Nevertheless, act at your own risk.

  3. After all they do ship the teles during the winter in uninsulated freight
    boxes across some of the worse reoads in our countries during the nice sub
    Artic Winters. Just do not subject the teles to rapid heat changes nor
    switch them on without allowing them to warm up to the ambient temperature
    of the residence. Cheers
  4. Terry

    Terry Guest

    No problem storing it in the cold that I can see.
    New TV (or a repaired one) is delivered to a home on a cold
    winter day.
    Take cold TV into nice warm (humid) house.
    Instant condensation on cold surfaces especially the cold glass
    of the picture tube.
    Everyone excited about the new (or repaired) TV.
    They plug in and switch on, immediately.
    Nice frying noises and sparks, breakdown of insulation in high
    voltage parts of TV (15,000 to 50,000 volts).
    Gee whiz. "I guess that new TV (or the repair) is no good?"
    It's happened. Seen it!
    In other words don't just arrive at cottage, put on the heat and
    then switch on the TV or perhaps the microwave for that matter.
  5. Nick Hull

    Nick Hull Guest

    Put the TV in a big garbage bag & seal it, it's OK if it's still plugged
    in just seal the bag arounf the wires. This will keep moisture dowm.
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