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Of waves and particles

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by Robert Baer, Nov 2, 2003.

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  1. Robert Baer

    Robert Baer Guest

    ...passing this on..
    From: Eric Reiter <>
    Subject: Tesla Society Lecture:
    Experiment shows electromagnetic field is not quantized
    Date: Nov 1, 2003 2:32 PM

    Hello Friends:

    I plan to give a free public demonstration and lecture at the San Francisco
    Tesla Society on December 14, 2003, 3220 Sacramento street, San Francisco at
    1 PM.
    My work is explained in detail on my website .
    The nature of my finding is so unexpected that for it be convincing I have
    decided to bring a working version of the experiment to the meeting for all
    attendees to examine first hand. All related published background material
    will also be shown. You will have the opportunity to challenge me, but you
    should understand that my reasoning and much of the instrumentation is similar
    to that of previous experimenters who have done this test with visible light.
    Those previous experiments gave the opposite result as mine, and convinced us
    that light was photons. In search, no one has done this experiment with
    gamma-rays, the most particle-like light. Gamma-ray light seems to have a
    classical pulsatile property that triggers coincidences in a beam splitter
    experiment that sees through the particle-illusion, defying quantum mechanics.
    Not all gamma-rays work; I will explain.
    The experiment:
    I have been working two years to eliminate alternative explanations and
    possible artifacts in this experiment. I will show all that. Barring some
    blunder of that sort, this work spells the demise of the idea of energy
    quantization in free space. My experiment settles the long-standing
    controversy between the concept of light as a particle and the concept of
    light as a wave. Previous implementations of this type of experiment have
    not been adequately designed to reveal the classical alternative. I will
    explain all that. My experiment shows for the first time an important
    failure of quantum mechanics. The probability interpretation does not work
    for gamma-rays. This implies photons are wrong for the rest of the
    electromagnetic spectrum as well. This sends strong doubt to the model of
    the particle electron (charge diffracts anyway). This is a serious challenge
    to quantization itself (it always had conceptual problems anyway).
    Pages from our textbooks describing works of famous physicists will be shown
    side by side with original writings of those respective physicists, to show
    how the message of our most important experiments have been adjusted to
    logically lead the student to accept quantum mechanics, Examples: Planck
    described his oscillators in matter, not light; the Compton effect equation
    can be derived classically, whereas our texts say it implies photons.
    Photo copies from journals and books will be handed out so you can study for
    yourselves what happened.
    I will introduce a wave-oriented derivation of the photoelectric effect, and
    other wave-oriented derivations of experiments that are famous for
    demonstrating particles, in a theory to replace elementary quantum mechanics.
    The new theory has the advantage of not being dualistic. Instead of wave-
    particle duality, I develop properties of the charge-wave to explain the
    particle-like illusion in light and charge. These new wave properties are
    admittedly unusual but are visualizable and therefore an advancement over
    duality. Furthermore, the new model guided me in the gamma-ray experiment.
    Before there was quantum mechanics, there was the loading theory. The loading
    to a threshold explains the particle-like effects. The quantization concept
    is a special case of the threshold concept. That is why quantization (with
    duality) seems to work. The loading theory was unfairly and prematurely
    rejected, and left undeveloped. I will show all this history. My experiment
    and theory builds upon the old loading theory idea.
    Disclaimer: If the experiment does not work due to some technical difficulty,
    it should not wreck our day. It is very difficult to bring a complicated
    experiment like this and make it work on-demand. I will do my best. You are
    welcome to visit my lab for a demonstration.
    Please forward this letter to others interested in physics and ask them to
    attend the meeting.

    The Tesla Society announcement is
    Hope you can attend Dec 14.
    Thank you, Eric Reiter. Oct 30, 2003 650 738 9005

    Gamma-rays are not photons, an experimental demonstration

    In a thought experiment, Einstein proposed that each light quantum would go
    one way or another at a beam splitter. In testing this model a series of
    experiments uses spontaneous gamma-rays from either 109Cd or 57Co whereby a
    primary gamma-ray splits and is detected in coincidence in two detectors. The
    experimental coincidence rates are found to substantially exceed the chance
    coincidence rate. These are full-height pulses, which directly violate the
    quantum mechanical probabilistic model of light, and indirectly violate the
    concept of quantized free charge. The effect only works when the gamma-ray
    "energy" is sufficiently low such that the photoelectric effect efficiency
    dominates above the Compton effect in the detector. Very few gamma sources
    have a lone photopeak that allow this measurement, which explains why this
    effect has gone unnoticed. To further help understand how all this can
    possibly be true, a wave oriented derivation of the photoelectric effect is
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