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Oddball diode?

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], May 19, 2007.

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  1. Guest

    Sorry for asking what I know in advance is going to be a stupid
    question, but I tried googling and could find no information.
    Normally I work on pinball machines and arcade machines, and I've
    never run into this part until I was asked to work on a television set
    with bad sync.

    Anyways... on the sync board is what I assume to be a rectifier...
    marked B12 in large letters, with the number 69 in small letters. I
    can find no information online.... any ideas on what exactly this part
    is, and its specs?

    Thanks in advance, and sorry for the stupid question.

  2. Eeyore

    Eeyore Guest

    Why do you think it's a rectifier ?

    What size is it ? How many pins ? Construction ? Colour ? etc...

  3. Is there a cathode band on one end? How does it read on an X/Y component
    tester or a diode leakage test on a digital multimeter? What does it
    connect to in the circuit?
  4. Guest

    Do you think you should be working on televisions??
    .... for your own safety you should go to the website for this
    newsgroup at
    there, with some of your search time you will find a wealth of
    television repair information and most importantly, SAFETY information
    and proceedures that will keep you away from dangerous and lethal
    electrical shock hazards.
  5. CJT

    CJT Guest

    Many arcade machines include CRT monitors with the same issues as TVs.
  6. hr(bob)

    hr(bob) Guest

    How about a couple of pictures, monitor model number, manufacturer,
    date code, etc!!!

    H. R. Hofmann
  7. Guest

    Because it has the cathode band on it, isn't glass, and has two pins.
    It's black, and the band (and writing) is brown.

    Sorry for not providing enough information.

  8. Guest

    Yeah... I've worked on MANY arcade CRTs... Just never a TV before.
  9. Guest

    Cathode band on one end. I get no reading on the diode leakage test.
    It's marked as D5E1 on the sync board.
  10. Guest

    Monitor is 50P-GHS81. Made by Mitsubishi. Date stamp reads December
    1997 MINO. Will upload pics shortly.

  11. Guest

    I got no reading because my battery was dying and I didn't notice the
    display. Leakage test reads .534V.
  12. Guest

    Ack. This is what I get for posting while I'm distracted. Forgot
    important information. Board has a symbol on it related to the
    position. Is a normal diode symbol. Def not zener, shottky, etc....
  13. Eeyore

    Eeyore Guest

  14. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    It's probably just a diode. It sounds like it's working correctly, I
    wouldn't spend too much time focussed on that part.
  15. Guest

    Wasn't ultra-concerned about it... I just have an obsessive need to
    know what I'm looking at. No biggie.

    I appreciate all of you guys' help.

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