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Oddball Capacitor

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by Prometheus, Apr 13, 2006.

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  1. Prometheus

    Prometheus Guest

    Thanks in advance for any replies given!

    I have a circuit to repair with a strangely marked capacitor. It is a
    red disc capacitor and the only markings on it is "15KK" in bold black.
    All information available indicates I should see at least 3 digits to
    identify it.

  2. What is it in ( equipment )? I dont think you have a capacitor there. Is
    it in a tv, and is there a demagnetizing coil connected to it anywhere? JTT
  3. Tim Williams

    Tim Williams Guest

    If it's small, it could easily be a ceramic disc capacitor of 15pF.

    Though three digits are technically necessary, "150" = 15pF doesn't make
    sense, you look at it and think, oh, 150pF. So they label them in two

    If it's conductive, then nevermind!

  4. Prometheus

    Prometheus Guest

    Thank you all again for your replies.

    As it turns out the component looks like a disc capacitor but it
    measures 18 KOhms. I have never seen a disc shaped resistor? I realize
    this could simply be a defective cap. by having any conductance so I am
    still a little lost.

    As for the question regarding the equipment, I am attempting to repair
    an unobtainable intermittent relay controller for the wipers on an
    early model Porche. I have been all around the Net and news groups and
    can find no replacement so "I fix!". ;-).

  5. Not sure if a thermistor would have a role in that unit, but test to see if
    it changes resistance with heat, 15KK as marking, and 18K as measured value
    hint at thermistors, as does that shape, some older thermistors were large,
    especially if they were used with moderate currents to avoid more complex
    circuitry to control them.

    If it was a defective disk capacitor reading 18K, you'd probably see
    something burnt on it somewhere, so I doubt it's that. Can you get an ASCII
    drawing of that part of the circuit? The context would help. Or a link to
    pictures of both sides of the board.
  6. Its got to be a posistor, as it heats from the current of the relay it goes
    positive resistance to the point the relay kicks out. Then as it cools the
    resistance drops and re-energizes the relay. It probably about 1/4 inch
    thick right?
    What is the wiper/delay not doing? Not running at all or not running in
    delay mode? JTT.
  7. Makes sense, that reminds me that there used to be heating elements used in
    the blinker switches for cars, same idea there. I guess this wiper might be
    meant to run in periodic sweeps, not continuously.
  8. I.F.

    I.F. Guest

    Its real easy - measure the resistance then warm it up with your soldering
    iron, if the resistance changes its a thermistor, if not then its a leaky
  9. Prometheus

    Prometheus Guest

    Hello all,

    You guys are the genuine article!

    Problem solved. It's a thermistor or posistor. Resistance goes down to
    about 3K with heat from a flame.

    Thanks again
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