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oddball cable needed

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Ray L. Volts, Jul 4, 2006.

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  1. Ray L. Volts

    Ray L. Volts Guest

    Googling yielded nothing close. Wouldn't ya know, there's no marking on the
    cable. If it was a custom, limited production run, so be it, but perhaps
    it's available stock somewhere.

    The cable is 3-conductor (each is 22AWG with 26 strands). Strain relief
    consists of 3 braided nylon cords (0.5mm diameter each) with each cord
    sandwiched between 2 conductors. The conductor/cord bundle has
    approximately 25mm (1-inch) turns. For additional strain relief, all the
    above is surrounded by a flat, unbraided nylon fiber wrap with 14mm
    (half-inch) turns. There is no trace of lubricant. OD of cable is 4mm.
  2. Can you post a picture on the web?
  3. Ray L. Volts

    Ray L. Volts Guest

    I know it sometimes helps to have a visual, but I've no working digicam atm.
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