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Odd monitoring Question

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by [email protected], Jul 15, 2006.

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  1. Guest

    I have a motorhome that I will be storing (there is no security there)
    and I want to be able to have the alarm monitored. (I have purchased a
    cellular backup unit to accomplish this) The problem is that standard
    monitoring wants it to be a fixed address. (something that this
    obviously isnt) So, what are my options?
  2. Crash

    Crash Guest

    Any number of ways. If where you park it has a fixed address but
    changes to another fixed address, you just have to keep your CS updated
    with current information and alarm permits (if required). Another way
    would be to have CS call you first to confirm the locations.

    I've done construction trailers which move around every few months like
    this...not a problem if you have a flexible CS.
  3. Guest

    Guess mine is not so flexible... Will have to call around... Any

  4. You might try telling your CS that you are monitoring a storage space,
    instead of a motorhome. Then, in zone descriptions, put motorhome door,
    motorhome motion, etc. What are they gonna say, no? ;-)
  5. Guest

    Well they probably will... There is no address for the lot where its
  6. J.

    J. Guest

    The reason they want a fixed is address is obviously to know where to
    send the authorities if you have an alarm event. Any central station
    worth a crap probably won't monitor a motorhome without some type of
    special contract language. There's too much liability involved with
    the potential of dispatching to the wrong address. If you plan on
    responding to the alarm yourself, you may want to drop the CS
    monitoring all together and have the alarm panel call you directly via
    cell. Many control panels have the ability of sending alarm
    information to a pager or cell phone. I'm sure you realize that there
    may be gaps in cell coverage and you may not be able to be monitored
    at all in some locations without a land line.
  7. Crash

    Crash Guest

    I used to monitor mobile snack bars for local city parks, the best we
    could do for addresses was; "such and such park, north east corner
    behind the east little league backstop". The cops knew what we meant.
  8. julian

    julian Guest

    Make one up. Then when they call to tell you about the alarm at
    such-and-such address you made up, you know where it is really. Also
    request to the CS NOT to call the local PD. The last thing you want is
    them trying to find your made up address.

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