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[ODCAD] Organic TFT Transistor: Material and device physics

Discussion in 'CAD' started by ODCAD, Apr 20, 2004.

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  1. ODCAD

    ODCAD Guest

    The transistor based on organic semiconductor may not be able to
    replace Si technology in fast response device product such as CPU.
    However, for many other applications such as in address cell circuit
    for display device such as OLED (PLED, LED), its performance is good

    The current from drain Id and transconductance gm are proportion to
    the charge carrier mobility. Both Id and gm are two important
    characters to show the performance of the device. Large Id means low
    resistance of the device, which result in small size of the device.
    Large gm means high amplifying capability that also result in the
    reduction of device size. Mobility has big effect to both Id and gm.
    Device physics model (simulation) can be found in many text book.

    For organic semiconductor, its mobility is usually much smaller than
    crystal Si material. The best value obtained so far is 5 cm2/V-S (some
    lab claims that 10 cm2/V-s). How can engineer improve organic
    transistor performance? A complete article posted in Organice device
    group ( may have a few
    good tips.

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    expert and tool kit provider of electronic material, device.
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