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Oct 28th rossi 1 mw cold fusion test....

Discussion in 'Home Power and Microgeneration' started by sno, Oct 29, 2011.

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  1. sno

    sno Guest

    Still looking good...

    Correct Scientific Terminology:
    Hypothesis - a guess as to why or how something occurs
    Theory - a hypothesis that has been checked by enough experiments
    to be generally assumed to be true.
    Law - a hypothesis that has been checked by enough experiments
    in enough different ways that it is assumed to be truer then a theory.
    Note: nothing is proven in science, things are assumed to be true.
  2. eric gisse

    eric gisse Guest

    "Once the reaction chambers got up to temperature, they were maintained by
    the heat produced by the reaction. I'm not sure why they kept the generator
    running after that, but I would guess it was for back-up or safety."


    Here I was hoping Rossi wasn't full of shit, and there we are.

    "Apparently, gamma radiation is produced during the reaction, which is
    shielded by water, iron, lead, and a final coating on the apparatus."

    Not with that level of shielding. There would be measurable non-background
    counts if this were real. Too bad its' a long con.
  3. vaughn

    vaughn Guest

    I would love to believe. Really I would! But I don't. At least, not yet.

    Sorry, but I find this test (in which the system allegedly put out 470KW whilst
    connected to an obviously running 500 KW generator) to be spectacularly

    "Probably the biggest opening for skeptics will be the continually running
    genset that is probably rated for 500 kW (my guess), and appears to have been
    connected by cables to the E-Cat. "Where's the mystery?" So knock yourselves
    out, skeptics. It's the customer who has to be happy, and apparently this one
    was satisfied that those cables were not contributing to the 470 kW output
    during self-sustaining mode."

    Surry, but the alleged happiness of some anonymous and possibly fictional
    customer hardly constitutes proof of anything.

    Waiting for Morris's results...

  4. Yousuf Khan

    Yousuf Khan Guest

  5. Prai Jei

    Prai Jei Guest

    Yousuf Khan set the following eddies spiralling through the space-time
    That's not the aim. They want it to produce *money* - for them.
  6. eric gisse

    eric gisse Guest

    This is what is known as a "scam".
  7. profIJM

    profIJM Guest

    ....until thrown into doubt by an apparently contradictory observation :)
  8. eric gisse

    eric gisse Guest


    I don't know what your role is in all this, so I'll just proceed as if
    you have one.

    If convincing skeptics is the goal, have Rossi or someone else put an
    inductive loop around the generator leads so the current can be known at
    all times. Additionally, have a voltmeter hooked up physically so
    voltage can be known at all times.

    Then, P = IV.

    If P_generator << P_blackbox then YHATZEE! People will take Rossi
    marginally more seriously and then people like me won't be able to see
    that the generator was running the whole time and be entirely right for
    laughing at the scam.

    I, however, expect P_generator ~ P_blackbox because it is my personal
    opinion its' a long con designed to bilk money out of that investor
    assuming he actually exists. If the investor doesn't exist, one will
  9. Bob F

    Bob F Guest

    Morris's chosen role is to try to create one of Rossi's devices on his own,
    seemingly from just the published information and his own creative spirit.
  10. Curbie

    Curbie Guest


    Have you gotten, and had any time to play around with the Ardunio

  11. amdx

    amdx Guest

    Hi Morris,
    Not sure I clearly understand what you want, but I'll stick my neck out!
    After you have heated the wire then you want to measure the resistance
    of the wire and from that deduce the temperature. I would want to
    totally isolate the AC from the resistance measurement. A DPDT relay
    would do that. (isolate both ends of the wire. I don't know about
    connecting AC neutral to 5v ground, might be ok, but...)
    Unless you cycle the relay for heat/measure modes, I don't see how you
    will know when to stop heating. So, you have the relay on some clock
    cycle, (heat 5 seconds measure temperature 1 second) then when the
    proper temp is reached the relay measures temp only until temp drops
    below some threshold then your heat/measure cycle starts again.
    To measure the resistance of the wire, you will drive some DC current
    through the wire and a series (sense) resistor and measure the voltage
    across the sense resistor. The voltage will probably need to be
    amplified before going to the Arduino.
    There my be a way to sense the AC current to the wire and know the
    temp of the wire but any AC voltage fluctuations to you home may cause
    errors. I'm sure there is a way to compensate for that though.

    Ok, have I got the basic idea?
    Fill me in.
    Thanks, Mikek
  12. vaughn

    vaughn Guest

    I would urge you to reconsider that approach. If you use a standard temperature
    probe (perhaps right inside that pipe with the heater), you not only gain the
    advantage of using some standard "pre engineered" temperature sensing circuit,
    you also can dispense with that relay and easily control the heater with a
    standard SSR (Solid State Relay) The varying contact resistance of that relay
    would always introduce some "noise" into your temperature readings..

  13. Curbie

    Curbie Guest


    I have an Arduino Uno to read 3 temperature probes, control 2 on/off
    valves, 2 on/off pumps, and a on/off heating element, I want a stand
    alone controller so its control I/O is 1 five position cursor and
    select type switch, 1 menu button, and a 4x20 LCD display.

    I got it earlier this year and have just been stepping through the
    tutorials so far, but am just starting collaboration which should keep
    me busy through the winter.

    Lots of fun, enjoy your journey.

  14. g

    g Guest

    Not to discourage your effort, but I think using the Arduino to read the
    resistance of the wire might be too inaccurate. You are basically
    engineering a temperature measurement system from scratch. Lots of
    testing needed first before implementing the thing.

    And mixing AC and DC makes me shudder. At least use a scope to check
    that no harmonics/noise from the AC side sneaks up on the Arduino

    Why not use a thermocouple? These sensors measure really high
    temperatures. As a start, look at

    Good luck.
  15. Bob F

    Bob F Guest

    I would think that thermocouple temperature monitoring/control would make a lot
    more sense that using a relay to disconnect the power so you can measure the
    resistance. The time delay of the relay approach drastically lessens the
    controlability. There are plenty of thermocouple temperature controllers
  16. eric gisse

    eric gisse Guest

    Since Rossi isn't saying, that does strike me as a unique challenge.

    The most hilarious outcome would be if Morris deciphered the trade secret
    in the event that Rossi isn't full of shit [unlikely] and started selling
    some devices on his own or just published how to make it.

    Patents on stuff like this will be granted....if there's a working model.
  17. Mho

    Mho Guest

    The US Patent Office grants patents on anything, even if it is impossible or
    doesn't exist. Patents average less than 5 hours of Officer time and they
    don't have time to actually investigate anything. The patent holders signs
    "prior art" agreements.

    US patents have become a joke and have to be rescinded frequently due to
    legal actions.

    "eric gisse" wrote in message
    Since Rossi isn't saying, that does strike me as a unique challenge.

    The most hilarious outcome would be if Morris deciphered the trade secret
    in the event that Rossi isn't full of shit [unlikely] and started selling
    some devices on his own or just published how to make it.

    Patents on stuff like this will be granted....if there's a working model.
  18. eric gisse

    eric gisse Guest

    Nickle-Hydrogen fusion has a significantly higher threshhold than other
    possible combinations.
  19. amdx

    amdx Guest


    Hey Morris, is there a reason you don't want to stick a thermocouple in
    the tube for your temp measurements as others have suggested? It would
    sure simplify this section, and, you could get lots of design help on to raise the thermocouple output voltage nearer
    5v at 537*C.
    Also I suspect you have thought that if the temp sustains itself or
    starts to run away, your Ardiuno will sense this and start limiting
    hydrogen input and/or pump more water.
  20. amdx

    amdx Guest

    Sense you brought it up, I'm curious why you think fusion will start
    without the undisclosed catalyst. Do think the catalyst is just a ruse?
    I was thinking some of this was design for when the catalyst becomes
    known you will be ready.
    Hoping for your success,
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