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Observations on a UPS - follow up to a previous post

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Doc, Aug 13, 2007.

  1. I don't really think that cvonvergence has been much of an
    LOL! I am holding a service manual for a Sony slot-mask
    Trinitron monitor featuring 3 pages of instructions on how to
    accomplish what you call "self-convergence".
    That explains it.
  2. I don't really think that convergence has been much of an
    There is nothing inherently "self-converging" about slot-mask CRTs.

    The original "delta" gun pattern required a fairly elaborate convergence
    process. In the early '60s, GE introduced an "in-line" gun arrangement (the
    first of its kind, AFAIK) that had less lateral misconvergence than the
    delta design, and thus a simpler setup.

    Sometime in the '70s, I think (CMIIW), the precision in-line (PIL) system
    was introduced. The deflection yokes were deliberately miswound (using a
    plastic former with ribbing that precisely positioned the wires) to distort
    the deflection and thus produce correct convergence with minimal

    I'm typing this missive at ViewSonic PerfectFlat A95f monitor that has
    perfect (and I mean perfect) purity and convergence right to the very
    corners. The tube is a Diamondtron, Mitsubishi's version of a Trinitron.
  3. Scott Dorsey

    Scott Dorsey Guest

    If you keep the monitor for a few years, you'll need to readjust it in
    order to keep it that way.

    Life's like that. Entropy happens, and so you need to do preventative

    People today forget about doing maintenance, and then they complain when
    stuff stops working right.
  4. The monitor is almost 6 years old, and is holding up well. It has not
    deteriorated in any way I'm aware of.
  5. Of course it is possible that our eyesight is deteriorating at
    approx. the same rate and degree as the monitor. :)
  6. Of course it is far more likely that the deterioration is accomodated by our
    perception over time and is not noticed. Every phosphor based display
    deteriorates from the day it it put into use. If the user compared that 6
    year old monitor to a new one he would likely be surprised at the
    difference. The phosphors and the guns have deteriorated over that time,
    though convergence and geometry are little effected, intensity and to some
    degree focus certainly are.

  7. Scott Dorsey

    Scott Dorsey Guest

    Convergence drifts a little... less than it used to, but some. Focus and
    intensity change. After six years it's time to pop the case and touch things
    up a little... may even be time for the dreaded CRT Rejuvinator to clean the
    cathode up.

    But these days, by the time six years is up, folks are buying a new display
  8. But these days, by the time six years is up, folks are buying
    This ViewSonic is the best I've ever owned, beating even the Sonys. I don't
    have the money for a new monitor at the moment. I'll purchase an LCD when I
    get a new computer in a year or two.
  9. Doc

    Doc Guest

    Don't have one, just going by what I've seen on display at various
    places. I have a 17" CRT monitor that I really like.
  10. Scott Dorsey

    Scott Dorsey Guest

    Don't go by what you see in the stores. The store demos of video monitors
    are as poorly set-up as the store demos of microphones and TV sets.
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