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O Tempora O Mores - my digibox blew up again

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by [email protected], Aug 4, 2007.

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  1. Guest

    My second digibox blew up. It was the replacement for the first one
    that blew up except this one is just out of the one year guarrantee.

    I blame a new breed of scientist, probably a DSP type driving a 4 x 4.

    The scientists who designed e.g. the "Toshiba Six Transistor Radio"
    that could run for a year on bird dropping are probably dead. The man
    who designed the RTC IC, also linear-partly, that could run for ten
    years on even less is probably retired and growing orchids or
    trimmming his Bonsai trees.

    The standby power comsumed by both digi boxes *was* 8W as opposed to
    non-standy power consumption of 9W Eh?

    The EU (a sarcastic use of the greek prefix meaning "well formed")
    decided to save the planet by limiting standby consumption to 1W.

    I suggest that a 1W resistors be strapped to their genitalia and then
    have them dissipate 1W of power each.

  2. Eeyore

    Eeyore Guest

    It EXPLODED ? Do tell.

  3. Guest


    to the last sentence ending "...of power each." This is sentence is

    "For the rest of their natural lives: now considerably shortened."

  4. Guest

    The bang was muffled by the simultaneous turning off of everything in
    the house because the RCD fired.

    But in the restored light a thin layer of smoke still lingered: A
    reservoir cap had ruptured: and all four diodes were s/c. So it's now
    in the bin

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