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NXP Cortex M3 chips?

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Bill Martin, Jan 15, 2013.

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  1. Bill Martin

    Bill Martin Guest


    Anyone have experience with NXP ARM micros? Or anybody else's for that
    matter. Looking at the embed proto board & wanting to know if the
    on-chip boot rom is present in all the NXP ARM chips & how is it
    activated in ones own board. It looks like it is wired into one of the
    USB ports in some way...anyway, just looking for experiences with using
    those parts.
    bill m
  2. Nico Coesel

    Nico Coesel Guest

    Actually there is. I always use the internal bootloader to load
    software through the serial port. Some devices with USB have an
    extended bootloader which can make the microcontroller act as a USB
    stick so you can drag & drop the firmware into the controller using
    Windows explorer. How about that :)
  3. Bill Martin

    Bill Martin Guest

    Thanks for this, one question re. ADC's: are you referring to the 10 bit
    or 12 bit ADC's, or all of them?
  4. Bill Martin

    Bill Martin Guest

    I don't see anything looking like another micro on the mbed board, but
    since all I get from the schematic link on is a black box, it's
    hard to be sure...have not checked out the lpcexpresso board yet but
    will have a look.
    the price is right, as they used to say!
  5. Bill Martin

    Bill Martin Guest

    That one feature is enough to make me want to look further, hence the
    questions hear. It's Linux friendly, no funky Windows drivers required...
  6. rickman

    rickman Guest

    It's pretty common for these sorts of parts to include a boot function.
    Sometimes it is in ROM and sometimes it is in the Flash and can be
    overwritten if you wish (or by accident).

    I haven't worked with any of the CM3 parts yet (or CM4s for that matter)
    but have worked with older Atmel ARM 7TDMI parts. They included a boot
    loader that would work through the serial port or USB. I think it
    required a proprietary comms program on the PC which likely means
    Windows only.

    I think you will find all of the major vendors do something similar.

  7. Guest

    The build in boot loader is generally in a "hidden" or protected area
    the flash so with out jumping quite a few hops it is hard to erase
    The vendor tools maybe windows only but, the protocol is usually open
    I think pretty much all of them have an open source tool available
    can be made to work on anything that can compile c

  8. Bill Martin

    Bill Martin Guest

    We will see soon. Just ordered one of the lpcexpresso boards play with &
    see what can be done without Windows. Not that I wouldn't use Windows if
    it's the best way to go...just not first choice.

    -bill m
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