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Numbers of Layers in Motherboard

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by Animesh Maurya, Jul 26, 2003.

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  1. How many numbers of layers are used in motherboard of a Pentium4
    computer. What is the maximum numbers of layers which the current
    technology is supporting today.

  2. Nominal tend to be 4 sandwiched layers however thare may be more depending
    on design.
  3. Ken Taylor

    Ken Taylor Guest

    I manually laid out with tape a 7-layer board ten years ago. Even then 13
    layers weren't all that uncommon for complex stuff we were doing (mind you,
    the guys laying that stuff out were allowed to use the mainframe!). I have
    heard of in excess of 13layers, but I doubt if it's all that common.

  4. I have not specificly looked at a P4 board for this. Different
    manufactures may be slightly different.

    In this level of technology, it is very common to have anywhere from 6
    to 9 layers in these high technology boards. There are some industry
    boards with many more layers. This is why it is really impossible to
    start changing parts on these, unless it is a surface mount part that
    is directly on the top or bottom surface. Naturaly, the proper surface
    mount soldering tools would be required for reliability and minimal
    possible damage.

    If conventional parts are to be changed on these boards, when heating
    and pulling out the leads for changing them, it is possible to do some
    damage between the layers during the unsoldering operation. When
    resoldering, there is also a chance of doing damage. Proper care must
    be taken for this.

    The idea of layers is to save space. Many manufactures are also using
    embeded technology. This is where components can be etched in to the
    surfaces in between the layers.

    Jerry Greenberg
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