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Nu Tone Intercom

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Aug 13, 2004.

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  1. Guest

    I have a Nu Tone Intercom, IMA-514 with the amp mounted in
    the attic, a door speakerw/chime button at the 1stflr door, and a
    control w/speaker on the3rd floor. THe speaker at he door sounds
    THe 3rd floor speaker has a lot of distortion.
    Do I need a volume control on the 1st floor speaker, and where do I
    get one.
    Or could the problem be interference from a fluorescent lite about 4
    feet away, but the power wires may be right next to the intercom

    Ideas or solutions ?

  2. Hi!

    If the amplifier provides "power" to all units, it is reasonable to perhaps
    suspect the speaker in the one unit having problems. If these units are
    exposed to the weather then it is possible that the speaker has simply worn
    out. It does happen.

    So why did one fail before the other? Maybe the weather on one side of the
    building is not as severe as on the other.

    It would be easy and cheap to try replacing the speaker and since it sounds
    like things basically work, it would also be the first thing I'd try.

  3. BWL

    BWL Guest

    Also possibility some crud (insulation, drywall bits, etc) has fallen into the
    back of the speaker; pull and check that first... then check for tears around
    edges of speaker cone
  4. Guest

    I replaced the entire speaker/control panel.
    Thanks for the tip
  5. Guest

    One speaker was outside and one was inside.
    I did replace both speakers.
    I would up replacing all the components and still have the
    Thats why I think it is interference or I may need some sort of volume
    control from the outside speaker to the inside speaker.
    There is no volume control on the outside spkr.
    I have the amp vol turned way down and the vol control inside way down

    Thanks for the tip
  6. Dave

    Dave Guest

    I worked on Nu-Tone intercoms many years ago. Back then, the stations
    used a single speaker that would also act as the microphone. The push
    to talk switch would activate a relay in the control amplifier that
    switched the speakers between the speaker and microphone functions.
    Dirty relay contacts would cause low volume, static and noise type
    problems. If the system has been installed for awhile and worked
    properly in the past, cleaning or replacing the relay may help.
  7. Guest

    All the parts are new. Amp, control and the speaker/mic.
    I am still thinking there are some wires too close to each other.
    THanks for the reply
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