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NTSC Composite to RGB circuit

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by David T Le, Oct 9, 2003.

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  1. David T Le

    David T Le Guest

    Any one had the info or cicuit of coverter NTSC to RGB.
    Thanks for any links for this topic.
  2. The best answer depends upon your goal. If you are interested
    in providing the highest quality for low cost, it might
    be least expensive to purchase a good SVHS deck which has
    a good 3D Y/C seperator, and then demodulate the chroma
    (or potentially use the sometimes available Y/Cb/Cr outputs
    and matrix the signal to RGB.) (I use a DVHS deck in
    some cases where I have to convert the composite video
    into component -- it has direct component outputs.) Then,
    matrixing the component to RGB can be done with a trivial
    (but still significant numbers of parts) circuit, or
    an off-the shelf converter box from places like Markertek.

    Many NTSC to component (or RGB) converters don't have very
    good quality, and actually do MUCH worse than a good decoder
    in a TV set!!!

    For lower quality, you could use an IC targeted to the
    TV set market. This is still not a totally trivial

    If someone uses an all discrete circuit, it can be quite
    complex, but if it doesn't use a comb filter, it will
    look soft and have lots of color flashing in the output.

    So, if you describe your goals, then maybe someone can
    give you the best answer!!! Building the circuit isn't
    likely the best answer, unless you want to learn how to
    do it.

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