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ns pulse generator IC for low voltages

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by O. P. E., Mar 23, 2007.

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  1. O. P. E.

    O. P. E. Guest

    I am trying to make a pulse generator that will generate pulses as
    short as 1 ns, with voltages around 1V. It would be triggered by an
    external signal. I am wondering whether anyone makes a single chip
    solution for this type of thing, or if someone knows a communications
    IC that could be easily modified to do this? And it would be great if
    it came with an evaluation board, though I realize I am reaching on
    that point. (Still, unless you enjoy torture, soldering surface mount
    components is something I like to avoid.)

    As I've searched on the net, most DIY pulse generator circuits involve
    avalanche circuits which seem to require relatively high voltages and
    are a little unstable. Linear has a circuit that uses comparators
    with an AND gate to produce a pulse, and that seems to be pretty
    workable. I've also thought it wouldn't be that hard to combine an
    inverter with an AND gate and a delay line IC to produce an output
    pulse, provided the transitions didn't excessively widen the pulse.
  2. O. P. E.

    O. P. E. Guest

    I appreciate the link to the Linear App Note, as it also had many
    details on circuit construction that should really help. I also found
    a few other Linear app notes written by Jim Williams. I love how he
    has "cartoons" on the last page.

    In searching around after I posted here I found Potato Semiconductor
    advertising "74 series GHz logic." I've never heard of them before,
    but the chips look like they would have the fast response I am looking
    for. Does anyone have any experience with them? I also found some
    fast chips from OnSemi.

  3. Potato chips? Isn't this a few days early? :)
  4. If you are going into high speed pulse electronics, you could do
    worse than read *everything* that Jim Williams has written.

    High-Speed Digital Design: A Handbook of Black Magic
    is good too.
    I'd never heard of them. Must admit I'd taken my eyes off this field
    a bit. The data sheets look great. Has anyone actually used the chips?
    OnSemi were Motorola who invented ECL (or was it Plessey? or ICL? ...)
    Their stuff is good.
  5. O. P. E.

    O. P. E. Guest

    This app note and a few other app notes and web sites discuss making a
    pulse generator with a 2N2369 transistor. It looks like they are
    mostly referring to the TO-92 package instead of the surface mount. I
    notice that the surface mount usually have a lower power dissipation,
    but also would seem to have better RF characteristics due to the
    shorter leads. Does anyone have any experience with surface mount vs.
    TO-92 for avalanche pulse generation? While I don't like the idea of
    soldering surface mount components, I'll do it if I have to.

  6. What little experience I do have confirmed the standard RF maxim
    "long legs bad, short legs good". I have slightly more experience
    with hand soldering surface mount transistors (and other two and three
    legged components). Its not as difficult as it looks. After
    a day or two you've got completely used to it.
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