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Now that Vern's gone ADI is the same as it used to be.

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by Bob La Londe, Aug 26, 2005.

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  1. Bob La Londe

    Bob La Londe Guest

    Wow, talk about not listening. Oh, well. Three out of my last three
    attempts the guys I spoke with either didn't listen to what I wanted or
    weren't interested in helping me get what I wanted.

    HEY GUYS!!! You should look at how much money I spent with you last year
    and the year before, and then look at how much I have spent with you since
    Vern left and I quit getting good service.

    Pricing sucks and service has gone back to the old days.

    Get a clue.

    The Security Consultant
    Bob La Londe - Owner
    849 S Ave C
    Yuma, Az 85364

    (928)782-9765 ofc
    (928)782-7873 fax
  2. Jim Rojas

    Jim Rojas Guest

    I stopped buying from ADI 5 years ago. It turns out I get better pricing for
    Ademco equipment on the internet, no matter how much I buy.

    ADI is suppose to be a wholesale distributor. But if you really shop around,
    you will find that most of ADI's pricing is close to retail on most items.
    It's no wonder many dealers buy direct from the manufacturers or from other

    ADI also claims they don't sell their stuff on the internet. I have proof to
    the contrary. ADI uses several surplus dealers to sell off alot of dead and
    older inventory, instead of passing the savings along to the dealer. I have
    even seen Ademco 5800 wireless transmitters available in bulk on the
    internet. If you follow their stock counts closely, you can see that as the
    auctions of eBay sell, their instock quantities drop dramatically. One
    surplus dealer in New Jersey was photographed with having 2 ADI trailers
    loaded with alarm equipment to be sold on the internet.

    And when you take a look at the eBay sellers other items, all the items are
    carried in the ADI catalog. When ADI no longer carried Napco, do you really
    think ADI sent it all back to Napco for credit? Nope. A good part of it was
    sold on the internet through several surplus dealers.

    Jim Rojas
  3. Jackcsg

    Jackcsg Guest

    That's why Mike hasn't been around. He sold all that inventory for pennies
    on the dollar, and it still wasn't enough to pay for the back taxes on his
    two duplexes. Poor guy.
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