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Noticeable signal loss from several series phone adaptors?

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by Stefan., Jan 12, 2005.

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  1. Stefan.

    Stefan. Guest

    I am in the UK. Would I get appreciable signal loss (e.g. equivalent
    to 0.5 of a REN or more) if I use several adaptors on my landline

    By "adaptor" I mean the sort of 2 (or 3) into one adaptor.
    See image at:

    I might I have this sort of wiring config (depending on exactly how
    many adapters I decide to use):

    phone wall socket

    For most of the time the adaptors would not actually have any extra
    devices attached.
  2. Roy Q.T.

    Roy Q.T. Guest

    I don't know:) with the money you've spent on all those adapters you
    could've bought some bell wire and placed a telephone outlet just where
    you need it instead of extending the line around.

    all you need is a drill, ¼in long bit to go through walls, wiretacker,
    wire and a tel/outlet from the 99¢ store.
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