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notebook pc battery options

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by BILLINE, Feb 14, 2009.

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    BILLINE Guest

    Laptop battery life span are not usage dependent. It has a shelf life based
    on manufacturer's date. It is best to recharged it when it's juice is less
    than 40 %. Most manufacturer will recommend that. The laptop and the
    battery is normally not the same from the same mother (manufacturer).
  2. john zeiss

    john zeiss Guest

    We have a 'mini notebook' Acer Aspire One. It's used mainly around the
    house plugged into the mains voltage, only sometimes using the battery to
    power it.

    We have been told that to *best* maintain the life of the battery over the
    years , the battery should be stored *out of* the notebook and be charged
    up fully once a month.

    Others have said that really it makes very little difference, and you might
    just as well leave the battery in the notebook all the time, even when using
    it from the mains. (which is of course much more convenient, as it's all
    ready to go, when you want to use the battery power).

    Since the battery capacity is very small on this notebook and we really want
    to try to maximise the battery's life, over the longer term would anyone be
    able to advise on what best to do, please? Thanks
  3. Things have changed for modern notebooks. I don't know about the acer models,
    you can email them and ask. I have an MSI Wind, and it does not charge
    the battery until it is 95% or less full. So leaving it plugged in is
    not a problem, it "tops up" the battery every 2-3 days if I unplug it
    and put it away at night, or less often if I leave it plugged in all the time.

  4. hartley

    hartley Guest

    john zeiss pisze:
    Li-on batteries don't like heat. The best way of storing them is to keep
    charged about 60% in low temperature. It's also important that battery
    can not discharge under some voltage level - it is not good for li-on.
    This level is below 0% displayed by the computer, but you have to
    remember that battery is slowly losing it's charge, event if it is not
    used. So don't leave discharged battery for days.
    However, I suggest you not giving a **** about the battery, it has been
    made to use it, not to be stored in desk.

    Sorry for my English. :)
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    bz <> pinched out a steaming pile
    Good Idea. Most laptops also have ram batteries as well as the usual
    CMOS battery. So what yer working on will be preserved in ram for a few
    more seconds even if yer main is low.

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  6. bz

    bz Guest

    The advantage of having the battery IN the laptop is that in the event of a
    power failure, you won't lose what you are working on (and risk possible
    damage to files being written [including the directory]).

    I would STRONGLY suggest you keep the battery in UNLESS you have a UPS
    (uninterpretable power source).


    please pardon my infinite ignorance, the set-of-things-I-do-not-know is an
    infinite set.

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  7. Adrian C

    Adrian C Guest

    Sell it and buy a desktop?
  8. whit3rd

    whit3rd Guest

    That's silly. The battery manufacturer and the notebook
    manufacturer have worked out an optimal strategy, and
    there's NO REASON to try to second-guess them.
    There's also no way to know if you 'got it right'.

    There's one recommendation I believe in, which is that the
    smart charge algorithms need to occasionally recalibrate,
    and this happens when the 'low-charge' warning is seen,
    after which a full charge cycle occurs. So, every three to
    six months, unplug the charger and let the battery run
    the machine until the warning comes on. Then, reattach
    the charger.
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