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notebook dc ouput

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by joe, Jul 7, 2004.

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  1. joe

    joe Guest


    i have a notebook that uses a Ac adapter with output 19v 4.74A
    I would like to use my notebook in my car, so i need an DC adapter.
    I saw on ebay universal dc adapter. but the output is only 19v-3.5A or
    19v-4A. My question is, could i use these adapter since the result in
    watt would only be around 76 watt max ?
  2. Ron Cook

    Ron Cook Guest

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    I would not use the lower-power adapter.
    Although the adapter *might* operate the laptop with no apparent problems,
    you're going to be running the adapter past its rated amperage.

    This could result in failure of the adapter, overheating which could result
    in a fire if the unit is on a combustible surface, or just a spark and a
    puff of really evil-smelling smoke which could take days to remove.

    If the adapter also inverts the output and it fails in such a manner that it
    connects the battery source directly to the laptop (short-circuit), you
    could lose the laptop.

    But wait! I have some good news; I just saved a bunch... ...

    You might, on the gripping hand, want to consider a small *regulated*
    DC-to-AC inverter for the laptop.
    This will plug into a 12-volt source in the car (cigarette lighter socket,
    for example) and provide a goodquality AC output at a nominal 117 volts.
    Your laptop's correct adapter would then be powered from this.

    These are available for about US $40 to $150 in most of the better
    electronics and department stores.

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    Ron n1zhi

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